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Australia seismology colleges
5 Apr 2015, 10:54
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RE: Australia seismology colleges
(5 Apr 2015 02:40)Tom Wrote:  I'm a dentist, my father - too, but my son like paleoseismology Undecided And he likes Australia Big Grin Can you, guys, give me an advice about colleges and universities who have programs in seismology? Is it good idea to move to Australia from US or we are too crazy?


Hi Tom,
You certainly don't need to come all the way to Australia do study seismology or paleoseismology. There are lots of good Universities and colleges in the USA that have good programs. In fact, although I work on seismology in Australia I have actually done all my study in other counties. I grew up in New Zealand and did my undergrad studies there and then did my PhD in Canada. I would suggest your son starts his studies in the USA and then if he really wants to travel and study in other countries he can then look at other options.
Seismology and paleoseismology are quite different in some ways.
Seismology is the study of seismic waves travelling through the earth, quite often these are from earthquakes but they can be other things too. From this we learn about the structure of the interior of the earth and how it might respond to strong shaking from an earthquake. To study seismology you need a lot of physics and mathematics. Some computer science and earth science is helpful too.
Paleoseismology is the study of historical earthquakes. Quite often this involves digging trenches through faults, interpreting the geology and dating rocks to find out when the fault last ruptured. It can also involve looking at detailed images of the landscape to identify where faults might be. For Paleoseismology you would want to focus on geology, especially structural geology. Perhaps take courses in GIS, chemistry, physics and statistics as well. I am not a paleoseismologist so can't tell you for sure.
Anyway, it's good to keep your options open because you will never know what you might enjoy and want to pursue.
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