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'Dangerous' part-worn tyres being sold
2 May 2018, 00:00 - 2 Aug 2018, 23:59

"Dangerous" second-hand car tyres are being sold illegally at garages in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire, a BBC Scotland investigation has found.
Part-worn tyres must meet minimum legal standards to ensure they are safe.
Working with charity TyreSafe, the BBC bought 10 tyres and had them tested by an industry expert.
Stephen Dolby found three of the tyres were not safe to be put back on the road and a further five were sold without the legal "part-worn" stamp.
Only two of the 10 tyres were both roadworthy and stamped as required by law.

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The defects in three tyres included two with puncture repairs that had not been properly carried out.
One of these had a deep cut caused by glass which had exposed the inner rubber to moisture and corrosion.
One tyre had significant damage in the bead area, which could cause the loss of air once the tyre was fitted on to a rim.
A further five of the tyres were supplied illegally because they were not stamped with a "part-worn" marking.
This is a legal requirement to show the dealer has carried out the necessary safety checks.
Only one of the seven dealers involved did this.

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